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With over 2  decades of experience with buying and selling these beautiful local items from a shop in the Cotton Exchange in Wilmington, NC to a Main Street shop in sunny southern California, Cheryl has sold hundreds of tapestries as pillows, table runners, place mats, wall hangings, throws, bedspreads, curtains and more.  From experience in running this shop aptly named "The Tapestree"  Cheryl has brought her love of sharing these beautiful woven forms of art to the Farm Store.   Although the inventory is much smaller, guests and customers will get a treat for the eyes and are encouraged to peruse the catalog or go online on this website and see a much wider selection.   

Here at the Farm Store, customers will see the walls of the old corn crib adorned with designs depicting Hunt Scenes, Sunflowers, Hummingbirds, Tractors, Windmills, and quaint country scenes that exude bliss and contentment to the eye of the beholder..  From the rafters hang beautiful quilts and blankets, all woven carefully to create beautiful designs that were hand-picked for guests and customers of the Farm.

These designs are made by Manual Woodworkers, a family-owned operation in Hendersonville, NC that was started in the 1930's and has been kept in the family for several generations.  

The items displayed at the Farm Store, as well as any items found in the catalog and on this website, are priced below what you might find in mail order catalogs or other retail places that carry Manual Woodworkers goods.  That is because Cheryl , who visits the mountains frequently to shop and handpick items from the showroom and warehouse locations,feels if the product is reasonably priced, everyone can enjoy a little bit of country for their home as a reminder of their visit to the Farm. 

Tapestry throws, pillows, runners and wall hangings

 These products are created by weaving fine colored threads to form a picture or design.  The large looms are modeled after the traditional loom, only more industrialized, and are automated via computer.  The computer "reads" the designs and tells the loom exactly which threads to weave to replicate the design.  In some cases, the designs are licensed through the artist and Manual Woodworkers is permitted to only weave what the negotiated agreement states.  These tapestries will show the artists' name, as it would the actual painting.  Tapestries are woven at the Manual Woodworker factory located in Hendersonville, North Carolina.